CCTv surveillance equipment

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We Specialise in IP Cameras & NVR (network video recording) Technology
Before you buy CCTV ask if its IP with NVR recording, if not its old technology! If it is analogue and records on a DVR then keep looking insist on IP. We specialise in installing IP Network CCTV. This is the latest technology in CCTV offering a huge amount of benefits over the old analogue systems. Don’t be sold old out of date CCTV Insist on IP. Reliability and Performance 100% Guaranteed

Upgrade your existing old CCTV system without re-cabling and still get HD1080P image quality with our Hybrid CCTV Cameras and Recorders.
So give us a call and we can put a recommendation together using professional grade solutions & equipment designed to suit your exact requirements. Call – 0800 028 2129

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